Ablaufregisseur, Showregisseur, Regisseur

our approach

We strive for emotional encounters, making your brand become alive and create memories. We celebrate with you and your company’s special moments and change. We create understanding and explain motivations and consequences. This is how a message becomes a dialogue, simple statements create emotionally tangible positions, and an anniversary becomes a unforgettable memory.

We stage with you not only the stage, but the entire room, because we consider a location as a central part of every show. In this way, we want to create new perspectives, create insights and prospects, and create a space for emotions with the staging. Together, we bring your message on stage and provide the right platform. We translate the message into a production and make it tangible. We support you in creating presentations, writing speeches and accompany you through the entire production and implementation process.

directing your show

A good executive director is comparable to an orchestral conductor: All involved personell are directed according to their abilities to create a coherent and harmonious lyrical piece.

It’s all about creating emotions and atmospheres, spinning the thread that holds everything together and unleashes a load-bearing feeling that carries through the event, from beginning to the end. In order to achieve this, masses of material, technology and personnel are usually required and all this need to be coordinated. One resource is always extremely rare: time. Managing all the resources is essential for a successful show, because ultimately everything has to be in the right place at the right time, interacting with each other. However, a show can only succeed if everyone involved can deliver their personal best at the right time. Often it is wrongly assumed that you can achieve the right results with enough pressure. In fact, this is only rarely possible. From the moderator to the technician, we are all humans, with our personal strengths and weaknesses. Between all the personal needs and wishes, as well as technical conditions and the idea of what it should look like in the end, it must be weighed.

In addition to corporate and product kick-offs, annual general meetings, theatre recordings, concerts and festivals, we have supervised conferences and many hours of live stream and live TV. Matthias Bender was been involved as a director in shows with Stefan Raab, Kevin Spacey, Matthias Schweighöfer, Carice van Houten, Sir Richard Branson, Lena Mayer-Landrut, Deichkind, Sportfreunde Stiller, the artists of the Residenztheater München and many more. In fall 2019, Matthias Bender and his team once again supervised the founding conference “Bits & Pretzels” in Munich. Speakers were the former US President Barack Obama and Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.

We have set ourselves the task of promoting and guiding employees and contributors, because everyone has a common need: reliable and precise leadership. This creates trust and is the cornerstone of every successful event.